arg Mohammad Hossein Khan Narooie Zabol

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Arg Muhammad Hussein Khan Naroui is one of the historical attractions around Zabol located in the historic village of Qaleh-e-Nou and 5 km from Zahak road to Zahedan.

The organ of Mohammad Hossein Khan Naroui of Zabol has been registered on the list of national works of 7255 and is rebuilt as a historical attraction of Sistan.

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One of the unique monuments of the new castle village is the organ of Sardar Mohammad Hussein Khan Naroyi. This house is located at an area of 1,400 square meters in the central part of the village.
The organ of Mohammad Hussein Khan Narouzi Zabul has two floors as a space for relations with civil servants and has been the upper floor of his own home and his family.

  • Background information

    Smith, an English traveler who came to Sistan in 1871, says: "The castle is one of the main centers of Sistan and the residence of Sardar Sharif Khan. The walls of the organ are tight and suitable for defense. It was built 170 years ago.
  • Specific information

    Arg Muhammad Hussein Khan belongs to the first Pahlavi era.
    The proximity to the semi-well and the beauty of the three mountains and the new castle has caused the experts in the organ of Mohammad Hussein Narouee to be in the stage of rebuilding considering the taste and taste of the tourists.
  • Outlook

    Materials used in the organ of Mohammad Hossein Khan Narooi Zabul are mainly brick and mortar with mud molding.
    The organ of Mohammad Hussein Khan Narui has a simple bricks decoration with a two story plan and on the second floor with a central courtyard, which is one of the characteristics of it.
  • More Info

    Sistan has an old history and many ups and downs of various events and events with good people who, with the eye of your heart, are looking at the beautiful ones that are in the middle of that ancient culture and civilization, and this It is said that all that is said of Sistan and its people is left with plenty of possibilities to say.
    One of the historical sites of Sistan Arg is Mohammad Hossein Narouei, who is located in three castles of the city of Zahak. The beauty of the organ of Mohammad Hussein is as good as the tourists have said about the splendor of its diversity.

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