kalantar`s House

(6 رای)

This building belongs to the middle Qajar and is located in the southern part of Semnan in the neighborhood of Esfanjan and at the corner of Abouzar Square (Pachnar). It is also listed on the national monuments list.

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  • Address : Semnan, Azhar Square

This building belongs to the family of Rajabi (metropolitan of Semnan). It has a central courtyard and gardens and spaces, including a corridor, summer and winter rooms, and windsurf. And also the dimensions of this building are 49x36 meters.

  • Specific information

    The summer rooms are windy and facing the north, as well as winter rooms facing west and heated in two floors and at low altitude (it's about 70% destroyed), as well as the northern rooms facing The south is used in the winter, and rooms facing east, which are located in the west of the building, are used in the spring and autumn.
  • Outlook

    This building is in terms of decoration and form of the building, the southern, eastern and western parts of the situation is superior and the view of the north part of the building is simpler. The building has a long, unique wind turbine on the southern part that has come out of the ceiling of the summer.

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