kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall

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kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall  are among the wonderful and beautiful attractions of this province located in the foothills of the mountains of Silom, and at the same time anonymity is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran. The river Salt Candies This ghostly cascade absorbs the eye of every tourist.


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A beautiful waterfall in the city of Qal'eh Raisi, in the city of Kohgiluyeh, is one of the natural beauty of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Province. This waterfall is a landmark that is nearly 100 meters high and over 60 meters after crossing the paths The beautiful bend and the trees and forests of the oak are visible after crossing the city of Dehdasht, the city center of Kohgiluyeh.
The waterfall is full of water throughout the year, its vivid crystalline crystalline vibrations, and hanging its water at a height, clearly illustrates the seven-colored rainbow. This beautiful and spectacular waterfall provides tourists and travelers everywhere around the country and the plains around the waterfall, a scenic splendid scenery.

  • Specific information

    Del Mandiz Waterfalls and "Ladybug" section of Kohgiluyeh city, such as the Mermaid Guyswan, embracing the wind and the pinnacle of the foot of the rainwater from a height of 40 meters above the shoulder of the mountain.
    Waterfall of Kemer Doogh is due to the height and dance of water in the embrace of the wind. The fall of this waterfall is white and dough-like, and therefore it is called the Kemer Doogh Waterfall.
    On the rocks of the strait, downstream and drainage channels, salt and crystalline ponds and ponds are formed during the time, and the collection of these beautiful beauties in the nature gallery has attracted tourists and the nature of friends from many parts of the country.
    The waterfall of Kamsarogh has water in all seasons and brings the eyes of every visitor so that you can name the bride of Iranian waterfalls.
  • Best time

    spring and summer
  • Must know

    The waterfall of the lower part of the valley originates from the eastern side of the castle of Ra'is mountains by combining multiple springs. Karm Doogh waterfall is located 80 km from Dehdasht city center, Kohgiluyeh city, 15 km east of Ghale Raisi city and near the village of Kemer Doogh. It is known for its white water, which is known as walnut dung (Kemerdv), during the year, especially in spring and summer It welcomes tourists and travelers from all over Iran.
  • More Info

    The waist is the same as a wall in the so-called local people. The similarity of the waterfall to the Doha has caused its naming to be slow. The unique features of this waterfall are the salinity of this spring water, because in the mountainous areas of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, rarely a salt spring is found. At the source of the Kamsarogh cascade, the implementation of a trout breeding program has led to the expansion of water overflow and the expansion of the cascade length and the artificial waterfall in the south of its natural waterfall. A beautiful strait in the flow of water has added to the beauty of the waterfall.
    The Kamar Dagh waterfall is located close to 100 meters high and more than 60 meters wide and is located 15 km from the northeastern part of the city of Qaleh Raisi, near the village of Kemer Doogh, which is known as the white waterfall of this white dwarf.

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