the East Sufism

(37 رای)

The Museum of East Sufism in 1389 was opened by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Shahrood in the Bastam Historic Complex.

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Over the building, there is a beautiful dome and a conical jumble that is covered with turquoise tiles, and the porch of the building is located on the south side of the tomb, with subtle gypsum mogharnas.

  • Specific information

    In this museum, linear Quran, candlesticks and old photographs of Bastam's historical complex and other objects such as pottery, wooden boxes, Chinese Safavis era dishes, are inlaid on Exposed to the enthusiast's eyes. It is displayed.
  • Outlook

    In this museum, exquisite books, ancient Quran, candlestick and gift items are displayed on the holy place of Imam Zadeh Muhammad Bastam. Other objects such as Safavie Chinese porcelain dishes, carved doors and so on are seen by enthusiasts
  • Best time

    The best time to visit this museum is at 14:30 - 7:30 and 19-15
  • Recommendation

    On the occasion of Fajr's decade, visiting this museum, as well as other museums in the province of Semnan, is half price.

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